Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to end the mid-life career crisis

If you dread going to the office each day in the morning, then this article might help you.
The common phrase “Happiness is an inside job” is a phrase that many of us are not able to relate with. People today relate happiness with material possessions, which by the end, proves to be completely wrong. While half of the life is wasted thinking about priorities and goal achievement, there comes a time when all appears futile and a waste of time.

Enter mid life career crisis, which is synonymous with today’s middle-aged people who are not so happy with the chosen path, and are unfortunately moving to bad alternatives that wreck their personality and thought process. Suicidal initiatives, change in sleeping patterns, feelings of hopelessness, compulsion for alcohol or drugs, consistent desire to run away from responsibilities, are few of the examples of mid-life career crisis.

The professional who has been delaying his true calling, starts losing interest in his current profession and becomes withdrawn from society. Often the desire for a change is based on long-term dissatisfaction and frustration that brew for a couple of years. There comes a time when the individual is unable to accept the mundane existence and longs for a big transition in his life at the peak of his career. This might take him upwards or throw him down, depending on the sanity of the individual.

There have been examples of engineers leaving their seven figure salaries to teach in a remote village and getting nothing in return. But the amount of satisfaction they get is unexplained. Add to this, personal life problems related with aged parents, children, menopause, and poor relationships worsen everything.

People between the ages of 35 to 44 are the worst hit people who have problems with careers, relationships and physiological issues. Let us take a closer prospective towards the meaning of middle life crisis. Anxiety, which is the main cause of crisis, begins its roots from self-doubt. The employee who begins his career at the onset of youth is a fully charged individual who sees his career rising in front of him. However, factors such a less opportunities, unsatisfactory response from the employers, extra working hours, less appraisals and more demands inhibit the ability to perform better and decrease loyalty issues.

Here are a few points to delete mid-life career crisis for the rest of your life:

·      People in their plush careers usually feel unsatisfied at the end of the day due to their inability to do something their heart really beats for. It could be anything to release pent up emotions like gardening, painting, dancing, volunteering, teaching or anything that could give mental peace and happiness. Therefore, while you are at your comfortable, high paying jobs, a nice weekend with your favorite hobby could be ideal for you to get that dose of happiness.

·    If you are a creative person, shifting from a hard core technical area to something more valuable like designing or writing would be a better idea. This would ease your basic interest and even ignite your passion to get back to work. Fortunately, some companies offer this facility and give advantages to employees to opt for a transition from their current job role to a more satisfied position. Even if the emoluments are not as high, but the fulfillment that comes from within is much better than fat pay cheques.

·       It is highly important that before switching careers, a soul search is done.  To find the best career suitable for you, consider things like motivational factor, interests, values, ethics and aim in life.

·       Personal factors matter a lot while solving midlife crisis. Intricate things like stress handing abilities, emotional intelligence and motivating factors in life often tend to be ignored when thinking of changing careers.

·       A strong determination and a positive approach are the key factors to solve mid-life crisis. A career change requires efforts and patience and lot of motivation, therefore it is important to understand the importance of perseverance.

Thursday, August 28, 2014 - A Fresh New Website to Be in Touch with Tomorrow

Even as we stand proud as being the No. 1 International University in India with over 60% of our students coming from 46 countries, we have realized that change is the only constant that applies to every sphere.  The world was very different when we brought in Western International University (WIU) USA degree program in 2001 to India. Our new age website is designed to in be sync with our new age philosophy of being in touch with tomorrow. It is a prime example of current trends in website design and based mostly on student’s inputs and needs.

The website was designed to make it much easier for potential students and their families to find out what makes MAII-Stratford unique. Hero banners with attractive visuals were added to the home page which answer the question “Why MAII” and provide a clear understanding of MAII- Stratford’s history, mission, vision and unique teaching processes. Further, it offers information on how to make higher education more affordable, by starting in India and finishing in the USA. The site offers students important information such as how to get credits for prior learning, placement information (including a special section on ROI), accommodation info for students who do not live in Delhi and a comprehensive international student section that even allows students to check out alumni based on country of origin and translate the web page to a language of their choice.

The site architecture has been completely overhauled from the ground up keeping in mind we needed to make the site SEO friendly. It incorporates siloing of content within themed categories and URL restructuring to assist both users and search engines. The site navigation has been re engineered to incorporate all our main product offerings and we have removed all the non-core elements. To address the growing mobile segment and in recognition of the fact that our primary audience is students, we have incorporated the latest responsive design techniques which allows users to view the site on their mobile device.

The larger footer too has new links like Academic Catalog and Addendum, University Events, Alumni Profiles, Career Services and Alumni, and a brand new International Students Office (ISO) section to serve their specific needs.

We believe that all these improvements will help students gather more facts and aid them in making more-informed decisions on their future.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on our new website by writing in your valuable inputs and opinions on the new site, as it would provide helpful insights to all students

Friday, July 11, 2014

Experiences From the Misty Mountains of Manali

Modi Academic International Institute's, Student Club organized a trip to Manali in Himachal Pradesh last month to allow students to indulge in some sightseeing and gather knowledge by travelling to different places. Students from many countries particitapated in the trip, experienced newer sights and sounds, different ethnic cultures and revelled in some snow in this famous hill station. Here are some feedbacks from their experiences. Please keep writing in.

Faso Mushigo Heritier
Course: BSIT
Country: Congo

It is a very good place which I have never seen before. I would like to go there for a second time, even though it was much farther than I imagined. Mother Nature, the mountains and the town architecture, all inspired me a lot. Thanks to the student club who made this trip possible with the permission of MAII. I wish that this trip will not be the last one, keep organizing many more such trips.

Nasim Popal
Course: BBA
Country: Afghanistan

It was a very happy and enjoyable moment with all my college friends. We had a great time and experienced new feelings. Student club organised this trip for all the students to have fun and enjoy the trip with people from different places. All students were thankful to student club for organizing such trip.

Umar Danladi
Course: BSIT
Country: Nigeria

Manali is a cool place and a place of history especially for people like me who come from a different country. It is a beautiful place with snow all around and huge mountains. It was a 21 hours journey. I have never travelled this long but I enjoyed it and got a lot of memories in Manali. Thank you MAII for the trip.

Ehsanullah Hakimi
Course: BBA
Country: Afghanistan

Manali trip was a nice and a good trip as I enjoyed a lot with my friends. The Manali trip was a memorable time of my life. At the end I would like to thank the Student Club for organizing this trip. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Going Beyond High Cutoffs: Time To Choose The Best Foreign University In India

Even after the FYUP imbroglio has subsided, high cutoff marks are proving to be another dampener. SP Mukherjee College has set the cutoff for BSc (honors) Computer Science at 100%! Commerce cutoff marks at the SRCC rises to 99.25%; the cut off for economics at Hindu College peaks at 99%.  The mind boggles.  Students may now have to live by percentages and not their caliber in the academics of their chosen field. Maybe records are meant to be broken, but not at the expense of academics and career options. How to make a paradigm shift from this remarkably marked scenario?

Think BBA, think USA, think Stratford. The answer has always been staring at you in the face, right in the heart of Delhi.  Stratford University prepares you for challenging high paying careers in business administration, information technology, hospitality, culinary arts, and health sciences. Stratford University also has the added advantage of having the largest number of Indian students in the USA, enabling you to enter a friendly atmosphere, while earning an internationally recognized degree. Stratford’s placement services allows you to get absorbed in leading MNCs, retail, insurance, consulting and blue chip companies.

As a pioneer in bringing international education to India, MAII was conceived by the US$2.8 billion KK Modi Group in 2002. It has since then entered into a joint venture with Stratford University, Virginia to offer their graduate and undergraduate programs in India. A state of the art faculty, with a student centered classroom environment backs this up with flexible timings to suit various job or personal constraints. Staying and studying in Delhi to get your degree from Stratford, USA has huge economic advantages, as living costs are much less. The large number of students from across 11 countries (from America to Australia to Afghanistan to Nepal and African countries) studying at MAII is a testimony to this fact. Students can also opt for finishing their entire BBA degree in India, or completing it in Silicon Valley USA if they so desire.

One of the much sought after degrees at MAII is the Bachelor of Science in InformationTechnology(BSIT) program which prepares students for careers as a business analyst, IT project manager or similar positions. This enables students to gain access to entry-level positions as MIS Executives, Software Engineers, Hardware Associates, Networking Executives and Technical Support Executives.

Most importantly, the BBA programs offered in Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource, informatics and Management molds students well enough to make industry oriented  internships and lucrative career prospects across the continents, almost child’s play.
So, in case you are thinking of moving beyond boundaries, it’s time to think cross-continentally and sense what you can achieve by joining MAII. Admission requirements for BBA, BSIT, MS and MBA courses can be found at


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Knowledge And Learning Is The Key to A Successful Career

Yes, the CBSE results are out and many students were seen queuing up for the Delhi University’s Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP). The University has 54,000 thousand seats and 77 colleges attached to it. There are both online and offline options of registering with a centralized form. There are 18 centres for collection and submission of forms. The university has removed the additional eligibility criteria that colleges used to impose on students. All entrance examinations for courses except for Bachelor of Management Studies have been cancelled. However, all this is for the students who have not thought beyond the four walls of the esteemed Delhi University.

So rest easy and Face your future with knowledge...become a professional by education from Stratford University, USA.”  That’s why our mission for the BS degreeprogram in Business Administration is to prepare you for the dynamic, changing realities of today’s global environment. We pave the way for you to succeed, right here, sitting in our state of the art campus in Delhi with the best of faculty. In case you have chosen the BS degree program in Information Technology, our mission moves to prepare you for a career as a business analyst so that you have a good understanding of business, management and technology required as an IT project manager. 

Modi Academic International Institute is the only institute in India helping students to get an accredited American Degree in India. We are amongst the first few institutes outside of the USA to get accredited by the ACICS (Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and schools) a reputed accrediting body in the USA, recognized by CHEA (Council of Higher Education Accreditation).
For postgraduates there is a range of MBA options, Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and an International MBA to suit your exact needs.  We at Modi Academic International Institute (MAII) offer unmatched flexibility with class timings designed to meet the exact needs of working professionals, students with alternative careers and housewives. Morning classes are from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm, afternoon classes from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, evening classes from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm and there are weekend classes too. With a teacher student ratio of 1:12, our specialized faculty believes in maximizing your knowledge. Our placement through personalized attention ensures we start focusing on your internship the moment you start your program; thereafter we help you in getting the right job according to your professional aspirations. We also help you to get transfers to Stratford University, USA to complete part of your program.  Many MAII students have taken credit transfers to universities in UK, Australia and Canada.
So, if you want get job ready for your future with knowledge, the time to contact our admissions department is now.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hiring of MBAs and Business School Graduates to rise in 2014

The good news is finally here as more companies are planning to hire MBAs and business school graduates this year. A global survey of employers indicates 80% recruiters from business school plan to hire MBAs in 2014. This is up 7 percentage points from 2013 and 30 percentage points higher than 2009.
An assessment covering 565 employers across 44 countries by the Graduate Management Council (GMAC) and conducted through the 13th annual Corporate Recruiters Survey in Feb-March 2014 paints a rosy picture. The survey included 32 top companies in FT 500 and 36 in Fortune 100.
 “More companies in all sectors and across the world plan to hire business school graduates, with projected hiring rates the highest for all degree types since the great recession started in 2009” says  Sangeet Chowfla GMAC CEO and President. “MBAs have always been valued by employers, but this survey shows that as the economy improves, employers see MBAs as a good investment into their future,” he continues.

The survey notes that 83% of employers from the Asia- Pacific, 61% from Europe and 86% from the US plan to hire MBAs this year, all up from 2013. Fifty percent of the employers’ surveyed plan to hire masters in management graduates while forty four percent of the employers’ plan to hire masters in finance graduates. The  median base salaries employers expect to offer MBAs are US$95,000 in the US and US$69,000 in Europe, as compared with US$50,000 for US bachelor’s graduates and US$41,000 for European bachelor’s graduates. The projected median MBA base salary in Asia-Pacific is US$21,340. This means that holding an International MBA degree that is recognized world over, offers big advantage in the upcoming market scenario.
The reflection of the positive mood is everywhere. “With the global economy moving forward at a more solid pace in 2014, MBA CSEA is pleased to see that 80% of companies intend to recruit MBAs this year, that salary gains are being realized for MBAs in regions such as Asia-Pacific, and that industries such as consulting have been increasing recruitment since last year. These are all positive signs for MBA graduates and talent in the pipeline,” says Mark Peterson, president of the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance and director of graduate business career services, Iowa State College of Business.

Overall, it makes sense to get an American degree in India as it reduces costs considerably while gaining students a degree from the respected Stratford University, in Delhi.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My experience of studying in USA by Rashi Dhama

I was very nervous traveling alone overseas, and being that far away from my home for the first time in my life. It was a mix of excitement, pleasure, and pain. Just the thought of being away from my family gave me shivers. The excitement to be in the mighty United States gave me a kick of energy and a sense of pleasure.
There was a big mixture of joy and suspense as the airplane pilot announced, “Fasten your seat belts we will be landing in the city of Washington DC.”
When we touched down, I said to myself, “Yes, finally I am in America. Welcome to the USA!”
After the Immigration and Customs process, I received a call from the student office at the Stratford New Delhi Campus letting me know that a friend’s son and daughter were coming to pick me up and I’d be staying at their home until my accommodations were arranged and I became acclimated to the customs and behaviors of the USA.

What a relief and what more can one ask for in a strange land?

 Abha and Abhisek welcomed and greeted me at the airport. Graceful and pretty Abha and I clicked instantly and from the drive to their house, I already felt at home.  After we arrived, jetlag got the best of me and I took a much-needed nap.

The next day my wonderful hosts taught me the basic "do’s and don’ts" of everyday things in the United States. I learned everything from crossing the roads, to the different signs I needed to pay attention to everywhere, and other cultural norms of everyday life.
On my first day at school, I met with the Vice President of International Affairs and my advisors who helped me get things in order for my classes. I was primarily seeking help to organize my housing and found that everyone at Stratford was very helpful. I decided to stay with Abha and take the bus to the Stratford Falls Church campus.
I found that I needed some more advice on adjusting to classes and academics on campus. I remembered from my Delhi campus days that I was in touch with an international student advisor at Stratford named Jorge Calderon. I contacted him and he was very helpful and ended up being like a magic wand for me, helping me navigate through some of the things that were confusing for me. He was like a guide to me for this new adventure. 
I started adjusting well and was able to get things sorted out accordingly.

After a few weeks, I was introduced to a nice couple who were a host family to international students and I moved in with them. They introduced me to many friends; it was as if I had known them for ages. They had a pet dog that I really liked and made me feel at home.
By this time, I got a better understanding of the college and my classes and I was able to get better used to the American customs. I was still taking the bus to campus so it was not too much of an adjustment for me.
The weekends slowly started getting interesting as I made friends and would accompany my host family to lunches, cycling, and outings with their family and friends. I really connected with their wonderful family and they had lots of love for me. They introduced me to socializing locally, and I hardly felt I was their tenant.
I really found a love for cycling and went on biking adventures in Washington, DC and the eastern shore in Maryland. I did over 35 miles of biking in one trip with my host family it was an awesome experience! The landscape was lovely and I had so much fun!

In India, I had no time for cycling when I was in school. I feel I have so much freedom here and I have more advanced living concepts.

As time went by, I would go to the Wal-Mart, CVS and other stores to adapt to the local lifestyle. Finding Indian groceries and eatables was a challenge. The restaurant - Subway, was good for the Indian veggies for the time being and Coca Cola and other sodas replaced my milk and teas that I would drink in India.
I learned to perfect my sense of civic responsibility in a short amount of time and take all I can out of the experience I was having in the United States. I still missed India a lot but was happy to be learning about new cultures. America touched me in many ways and for the first time, I celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year’s traditions.
Another first experience I had was being around snow. I came out of my house one morning, and it was snowing! It seemed like a shower of little white feathers. I tried to catch them, but they would melt away almost instantly—so light, so soft, and so white. I walked around campus and it was hardly cold; everything seemed quieter and softer.

In D.C, I saw the White House and went to several museums and historical places with my friends.

I also got to travel to other big cities. I have family and friends living in New Jersey so I took a long bus ride to visit them. It was exciting to drive through the windy and chilly New Jersey weather. They were happy to see me and so were the kids. I had missed the home food for long so I could not hold myself back from relishing the Indian food.

They lived close to New York City so my cousins showed me around the city of man-made mountains. I saw, Times Square, One World Trade Center, The Statue of Liberty and Wall Street.

Then I took the long bus ride back to Falls Church, VA where my University campus is.

In the end, I would rate my experience in the USA as an excellent part of my life. Mr. Feroze, Mr. Jorge, my dean, my professors, my colleagues and my peers -- all of them have been a great support and  I really thank them from the bottom of my heart.