Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My experience of studying in USA by Rashi Dhama

I was very nervous traveling alone overseas, and being that far away from my home for the first time in my life. It was a mix of excitement, pleasure, and pain. Just the thought of being away from my family gave me shivers. The excitement to be in the mighty United States gave me a kick of energy and a sense of pleasure.
There was a big mixture of joy and suspense as the airplane pilot announced, “Fasten your seat belts we will be landing in the city of Washington DC.”
When we touched down, I said to myself, “Yes, finally I am in America. Welcome to the USA!”
After the Immigration and Customs process, I received a call from the student office at the Stratford New Delhi Campus letting me know that a friend’s son and daughter were coming to pick me up and I’d be staying at their home until my accommodations were arranged and I became acclimated to the customs and behaviors of the USA.

What a relief and what more can one ask for in a strange land?

 Abha and Abhisek welcomed and greeted me at the airport. Graceful and pretty Abha and I clicked instantly and from the drive to their house, I already felt at home.  After we arrived, jetlag got the best of me and I took a much-needed nap.

The next day my wonderful hosts taught me the basic "do’s and don’ts" of everyday things in the United States. I learned everything from crossing the roads, to the different signs I needed to pay attention to everywhere, and other cultural norms of everyday life.
On my first day at school, I met with the Vice President of International Affairs and my advisors who helped me get things in order for my classes. I was primarily seeking help to organize my housing and found that everyone at Stratford was very helpful. I decided to stay with Abha and take the bus to the Stratford Falls Church campus.
I found that I needed some more advice on adjusting to classes and academics on campus. I remembered from my Delhi campus days that I was in touch with an international student advisor at Stratford named Jorge Calderon. I contacted him and he was very helpful and ended up being like a magic wand for me, helping me navigate through some of the things that were confusing for me. He was like a guide to me for this new adventure. 
I started adjusting well and was able to get things sorted out accordingly.

After a few weeks, I was introduced to a nice couple who were a host family to international students and I moved in with them. They introduced me to many friends; it was as if I had known them for ages. They had a pet dog that I really liked and made me feel at home.
By this time, I got a better understanding of the college and my classes and I was able to get better used to the American customs. I was still taking the bus to campus so it was not too much of an adjustment for me.
The weekends slowly started getting interesting as I made friends and would accompany my host family to lunches, cycling, and outings with their family and friends. I really connected with their wonderful family and they had lots of love for me. They introduced me to socializing locally, and I hardly felt I was their tenant.
I really found a love for cycling and went on biking adventures in Washington, DC and the eastern shore in Maryland. I did over 35 miles of biking in one trip with my host family it was an awesome experience! The landscape was lovely and I had so much fun!

In India, I had no time for cycling when I was in school. I feel I have so much freedom here and I have more advanced living concepts.

As time went by, I would go to the Wal-Mart, CVS and other stores to adapt to the local lifestyle. Finding Indian groceries and eatables was a challenge. The restaurant - Subway, was good for the Indian veggies for the time being and Coca Cola and other sodas replaced my milk and teas that I would drink in India.
I learned to perfect my sense of civic responsibility in a short amount of time and take all I can out of the experience I was having in the United States. I still missed India a lot but was happy to be learning about new cultures. America touched me in many ways and for the first time, I celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year’s traditions.
Another first experience I had was being around snow. I came out of my house one morning, and it was snowing! It seemed like a shower of little white feathers. I tried to catch them, but they would melt away almost instantly—so light, so soft, and so white. I walked around campus and it was hardly cold; everything seemed quieter and softer.

In D.C, I saw the White House and went to several museums and historical places with my friends.

I also got to travel to other big cities. I have family and friends living in New Jersey so I took a long bus ride to visit them. It was exciting to drive through the windy and chilly New Jersey weather. They were happy to see me and so were the kids. I had missed the home food for long so I could not hold myself back from relishing the Indian food.

They lived close to New York City so my cousins showed me around the city of man-made mountains. I saw, Times Square, One World Trade Center, The Statue of Liberty and Wall Street.

Then I took the long bus ride back to Falls Church, VA where my University campus is.

In the end, I would rate my experience in the USA as an excellent part of my life. Mr. Feroze, Mr. Jorge, my dean, my professors, my colleagues and my peers -- all of them have been a great support and  I really thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

MAII Gets the "Fastest Growing Institute in Asia" Award by WCRC

The Modi Academic International Institute’s (MAII) pragmatic vision of constantly looking beyond the present and preparing for the future made it win the prestigious ‘Asia's Fastest Growing Private Education Institute Award’, from WCRC Leaders Magazine, on January 9, 2014. WCRC is an identity creator for education companies. This is one more feather in its cap of laurels that MAII has been proud to achieve, by setting goals higher than it can achieve and achieving them, through sheer conscientiousness and diligence. 

 MAII stands tall as being only institute bringing American Accredited programs to India. Its strategic partnership with Stratford University, USA, SQA and IGNOU enables it to cover prime academic arenas, which require trained work forces. MAII is part of the US$2.8 billion KK Modi Group, which has a philosophy based on its founder, the late Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi: "Change, we believe, is the only constant, But if a vision remains constant, there is no limit to what can be achieved."  Based on the same philosophy, MAII provides student–centric classrooms for over 600 students from India and abroad with uncompromising standards on employee-dictated standards. This dual focus is the prime reason that its placement and instructional programs are designed to ensure both its foreign and Indian students can start their new career as soon as they graduate.

The Institute has been trailblazing new frontiers in bringing International education to India ever since inception. In 2001, MAII brought Western International University (WIU), USA degree program in its syllabi. In October 2009, MAII entered into a Joint venture with Stratford University, USA, to offer their Undergraduate and Graduate programs in India. In the same year, MAII was able to achieve an exceptional over 90% placement record. MAII is amongst the first institutes outside the USA to be accredited by ACICS (Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and schools) a reputed accrediting body in the USA, recognized by CHEA (Council of Higher Education Accreditation). 

MAII along with alliances offers programs and courses like MBA, MBA for Executives, MS Entrepreneurial Management, MS Information Systems, MS Information Assurance, Under Graduate Programs, BS Business Administration (BBA), BS Information Systems, BA / B.Com along with a Centre for Executive Development and School of Languages. 

At MAII, all faculty members are hand chosen for their experience, teaching abilities, and personality traits, so that they are flexible enough to accommodate students with different learning styles, while keeping a rigid stance on employee dictated standards. This intellect, combined with its power to help its students take transfers to Stratford University and other colleges across the UK, Australia and Canada among other countries, is MAII’s mainstay.

Monday, January 27, 2014

MAII Delhi Darshan Tour: Inculcating the right Orientation for Fresher’s

Last year, MAII took all fresher’s for a Delhi Darshan tour. This was part of a MAII’s Orientation Program, to ensure all fresher’s get a look and feel of Delhi, as many students were from different countries. The program had a dual purpose, students would get a firsthand experience of Delhi (where they would be staying to pursue their academic interests) while getting a chance to introduce and interact between themselves. The tour was set to cover historical places of interest, and political pillars of New Delhi.  As travelling together is just the beginning, this tour lent credence to MAII’s intrinsic belief that true knowledge has its roots in perceptions through interactions.

The itinerary included visits to the President’s house, Jama Masjid, Iskcon Temple, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Parliament House, Chandni Chowk, Raj Ghat and the Akshardham Temple. The idea was to promote interactions between each fresher by seeing and experiencing sights, they had never seen in their own countries in a gentle and thought provoking manner. Most students were thunderstruck by the mega mix of culture, religion, and the varied Indian cuisine with different tastes, that they had never experienced before. Each place had its own insights and observations for the students, proving beyond doubt that travel broadens the mind and increases perceptions. This also broke the ice between students, as it created a situational awareness through the proverbial who, what, why and how questions and answers in their minds.

Planting the seeds of thought provoking questions and answers, was the very purpose of MAII’s Orientation program, this would ensure students too would ask the right questions during the academic sessions. These are the precursor of building bonds for a better, knowledge filled tomorrow for the fresher. 
Read what two of our students who were the part of the program had to say about their view of it, and do write your own perceptions and experiences, so that it can be shared with everyone on the Campus grounds.

Feedback Emails from the Students:

From Niharika Singh :-

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Delhi Darshan was awesome, and gave many of lifetime experiences with friends and the MAII team. It was so exciting to see all these historical monuments and famous temples:


The entire Darshan was a great experience, as we visited these beautiful political and religiously powerful places. I found that people really worship their many Gods, very ritualistically.
I was so happy and felt privileged to be part of the orientation program, which included fun filled activities with the entire team.  I thanked God for blessing us and was grateful to Stratford University who gave us an excellent opportunity to study with happiness and togetherness.

The food was so delicious and tasty. Everything was planned meticulously, and there was an abundance of encouragement. All the students enjoyed the photography sessions, packed with lots of fun. Students shared their knowledge of New Delhi and its wonders and happening things. Delhi is totally incredible and beautiful. We were happy in to be in Delhi, and hoped future students would be very happy if they saw new things, which they never saw and felt in their life and country.

We would really appreciate if you keep doing these kinds of activities on regular intervals.

Thanks & Regards,
Niharika Singh

From Clement :-

It was good news to hear that after day one of the student orientation program, the Institute would organize a tour for the day two of the orientation program in the most attractive parts of Delhi. It was so nice to hear that we would tour eight places.

It was fun how all the students gathered at the Institute premises and our leaders were so nice. They ensured all students were present before we set off for the tour. Everyone was happy and eagerly awaited to see what new things that Delhi has that is different from ours, because we were all from different countries. Probably we all wished to see something we never saw in our own countries.

Our first destination was the Iskcon Temple. The Temple being a holy place, we had to remove our sandals before entering. It was so wonderful to see such a beautifully decorated place of worship. Being one the best places that I ever saw in my life, and hoped that I would get a chance to visit it again, whenever possible.

Another interesting site was the India Gate. We were quite unfortunate because we could not get a close up view, but the grasp of the place really defined how nice it was going to be and I wish to visit there once again.

The most incredible sight of it all was the Parliament house. It covered a gigantic area. It was my first encounter of such a massive area covered for the Government area. The road, the structures, everything was enormous and incredible. The most memorable moment was eating a very Indian dish. It was so tasty and I liked it very much.

We visited so many places, but one of best and most beautiful place I have ever visited overall was the Akshardham Temple! It was very spacious and enormous. Truly, a holy place indeed, with beautiful pictures and art pieces. I really had a wonderful moment in my life through this tour, and felt good.
The Institute provided great meals for us throughout the day and I did not even eat again until the next morning.

It was really a nice decision the Institute took in taking out the fresher’s out for a tour. It was really appreciated by all fresher’s on the tour.

Friday, January 17, 2014

MAII Fresher’s Party: The First Step to the Future

Come February 7, the song and themes at the MAII Fresher’s party is all set to dance and welcome them with open hearts and minds. On the agenda is a corporate fashion show and dances galore. The fashion show, set to scintillating background music will feature the latest colours and trends as each graceful participant shows off the latest corporate wear on the catwalk, and introduce themselves to all.
Get set for African dances, which have a rhythm of their own pulsating beats, expressing joy and values through mesmeric voices set to a variety of Bongo beats. Watch their collective talent and skills through arm, and shoulder movements. 

There are many Indian dance forms too, from the classical to the ultra modern ones set to the tunes of Hindi movies.
The Nepali dances primarily have a fixation with invocating of Goddesses, and denote the goddess’s battle with the demons.
There will even be a Rock show featuring talented musicians showing off their lead guitar work, growl and percussion.
As we welcome the Fresher’s we feel proud that we have won the prestigious “Asia's Fastest Growing Private Education Institute award”, from WCRC Leaders magazine, this January. This is just one motivational factor for the shape of things to come for the fresher’s as they enter our extended family like atmosphere.
We ask all members of MAII to join in the Fresher’s Party and make it a huge success.
Venue for the Party will be intimated soon on our facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/MAIIStratfordUniversity

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

CPCU India Chapter - A Historic Meeting

Two Persons Holding thr CPCU Banner at CPCU Meet

The CPCU India Chapter had a very successful meeting on 2nd December, 2013. The event was hosted by Modi Academic International Institute at their campus in South Delhi. More than 25 CPCUs, CPCU students and other insurance professionals were in attendance.

CPCU Meet attandees

The meeting was joined by a very special guest, Mr. Saul Swartout, Sr. Vice President at the Institutes. Saul made a formal presentation of an India Chapter banner that he brought from the U.S. History was made as he gave the banner to Shrirang Samant, Rajneesh Upreti, Sameer Mahajan and Jitendra Kumar, the India Chapter officers. Addressing the professionals present at the event, Saul shared with the team how small contributions from each CPCU can create huge impact and increase the number of CPCU students and designees in India. He congratulated the team for a well-organized event and wanted the India Chapter to be a role model for chapters across the globe.

Shrirang Samant, our India Chapter leader and the guiding force, thanked the Society and the International Insurance Interest Group for their support to India’s CPCUs. He also told the CPCU team how grateful he was for their hard work. Shrirang also shared some of the achievements of the India chapter and also our expectations from the Society.
The meeting also included an address from Mr. Phil Lundberg, the Director of Modi Institute. In his remarks, Phil shared the broader vision of Modi Institute and the journey they have covered so far. He also sought help from the CPCU’s present at the event to help the institute in the areas of Insurance domain.
Also present in the meeting was Mr. Tarun Kapoor , Vice President at Marsh India. Tarun shared some interesting insights on the role the India chapter can play and why the industry needs more people who are certified in international insurance education. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Rohtash Sharma, secretary of the Delhi Insurance Institute, Mr. Subodh Sharma, Council member of the institute and Mr. Prabodh Kamal, who is Institute’s past Secretary.

There was an interesting Q&A session at the end of the meeting and some thought-provoking questions were raised by the participants. Shrirang, Saul and Tarun did a great job fielding those questions. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Sameer Mahajan who leads New Designee Chair in the CPCU India Chapter and was followed by high tea.
India Chapter is highly thankful to all the guests, speakers and the attendees. Special thanks to Modi Institute for hosting the event. Its staff did a wonderful job in organizing the event as well as handling its logistics. CPCU India Chapter leaders look forward to working closely with the institute to spread professionalism and to increase opportunities for people seeking insurance education.

Rajneesh Upreti, CPCU, ACII, FIII, PMP®
Secretary, CPCU India Chapter

Friday, August 2, 2013

Open House/ Seminar conducted on 27th July 2013 at MAII - Stratford University Campus

MAII -Stratford University organised an open house event on Saturday the 27th in which students (and their parents) who have passed out of 12th standard,  who want to go to college for business studies or IT were counselled, in this open house their needs and questions were addressed.

below are the pictures of event.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Football match MAII students (Nigeria vs. Congo)

Football match MAII students (Nigeria vs. Congo) on June 21, 2013 in Thyagaraj Sports Complex.  Winning team: Nigeria